• Photo safe & transfer – Import photos from Camera Roll

    1. open your “Photos” app, and enter the “Camera Roll”

    2. click the button on the left of bottom, this is an “edit” button

    3. select the photos which you want to import, and click the “copy” button

    4. exit “Photos” app

    5. start our “Photo safe & transfer” app, and enter the album you want to import into

    6. click the button on the left of bottom, this is an “edit” button

    7 click the “Paste” button, and wait for seconds

    8. now, we have imported photos from camera roll successfully.

    If you have any other questions, please contact us!

  • 12.0 Mega Camera-ALL IN ONE

    12.0 Mega Camera-ALL IN ONE


    After 6 months of developing, we make this amazing app for you!
    Turn your iPhone camera into a amazing powerful camera with 12.0 Mega resolutions and zoom!
    If you get this app, you will have the best phone camera in the world!

    - 12.0 Mega (iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4)
    - 8.0 Mega
    - Software flash function
    - 7 photo filter function
    - Guide Lines:3×3 or 4×4 grid for better shots
    - 5x Digital Zoom
    - Countdown Mode
    - Voice Shutter Mode
    - Self-Timer shutter Mode
    - Continuous Mode
    - Time stamp

    Image editor
    - Rotate Image
    - Screenshots
    - 18 kinds of photo effects
    - Tilt-shift
    - Add text on Image
    - Brightness adjustments